What is Trolleycoin?

The coin is named after the Moscow trolleybus. Currently, the trolleybus system of the capital of Russia is going through hard times. A trolleybus is considered an outdated and unpromising mode of transport. Complete elimination is planned. Trolleycoin is designed to draw attention to this type of transport, to show its advantages, and perhaps also help the development of trolleybus systems.

Coin features

The Trolleycoin is a very usable cryptocurrency. Trolleycoin is based on the source code of the Ethereum coin, and therefore has all the features of this coin.

Technology is used for mining is Equihash-CPU. This means that you do not need to have a powerful computer and many video cards for mining.

Your own node

You have the opportunity to launch your personal node and help the network store the blockchain and process transactions.

To run the node, you need a Linux server with 512 MB of RAM.

Instructions for starting a node are in the FAQ tab.

The Trolleycoin roadmap


August 2018

Start development

I'm starting creating a coin at 20  August 2019

Compiling wallets

At the moment will be avialable a Windows Wallet a nd server, MacOS CLI Wallet&server and Linux CMD3

Public launch

The public launch of the coin will take place on September 1. It is then that you can download wallets and start mining.

Coin services

I planned create the faucet, block explorer and etc.

Have nice

The next step should be to increase the value of the coin in the mass of other coins.

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Trolleycoin 2019
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